Dear brands, your diversity initiatives are no longer working.

Diversity today:

Diversity today makes the non-disabled, heterosexual white male and female look like the norm. 

Anyone who doesn't fit the status quo is considered to be an "other"

Lazy marketing:

Diversity should be a word of recognising differences in an empowering way. Not by boxing people off. 

Lazy marketing habits have allowed the word diversity to inaccurately represent marginalised communities

Not seasonal:

Black people aren't just black during Black history month. 

Gay people aren't just gay during pride. 

Muslims aren't just Muslim during Eid or Ramadan.

365 days:

All cultural groups and communities should be visible all year round, 365 days of the year.

It's time to scrap the diversity tick box. 

It's othering.












A Note:

“Diversity” is not helping to tackle real issues. It’s time to look beyond the tick box, both behind the scenes and on camera,
inclusion and intersectionality should be the focus. It is also a time to reconsider language and communication across all sectors, including society.

The fashion, media and advertising industry has a long way to go to learn how to represent communities accurately. The information being shared is creating a disconnect in communication which has allowed stereotyping. This has a knock on affect to society which creates inaccurate consuption of information, as well as failing to create a sense of belonging to underrepresented communities.

Organisations are missing out on huge consumer spend. All communities and cultural groups should be visible 365 days of the year all year round. With the rise of cancel culture, brands can either make it or break it. 

By tapping into these markets authentically, it will be beneficial for these industries not only economically, but also with credibility. It’s vital that this messaging is done authentically and more than just a quick fix. It’s time to listen to real voices and work



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