Content Creator, Illustrator, Writer and Consultant, Arooj Aftab has been breaking down barriers in the quest for inclusivity within the fashion industry. Arooj is now recognised as a spokesperson for body inclusivity and poses important questions about the language we use when it comes to promoting real and meaningful diversity. 

After discovering she had Neurofibromatosis at a young age, she appeared in the BBC Newsbeat doc, ‘My Tumour Made Me Trendy’, which revealed more about her story and coming to terms with her condition. Since then been heralded by British Vogue and Elle for her work on her platform and won 2019’s Asian Media Award.

She has since been a panellist for Instagram, appeared at Summer in the City and received support from Bustle, GUAP, BBC Radio London, Vogue Spain, Fizzy Magazine and more. 

Last year she launched her #donewithdiversity project, which sees her combine her passion for inclusivity within the fashion industry with her talent for illustration. The project aims to encourage brands and publishing platforms to rethink the language they use and to consider if they are truly inclusive to all.

Arooj currently sits on the Talent, Education + Community Committee with the Fashion Minority Alliance which aims to tactically work with fashion and beauty industry stakeholders to build and foster a more balanced, and inclusive industry that pushes for meaningful and long-term equity for Black, Asian, Ethnic Minority groups.


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